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AmericanBrailleSignage llc Wholesale ADA Compliant Braille Signs  1-417-924-1276High Quailty Braille Signs since 1996 PHOTOPOLYMER - ACRYLIC RASTER BRAILLE APPLIQUE -THERMOFORMED ACRYLIC-  	  American Braille Signage is a Wholesale Manufacturer of ADA Compliant Braille Signage. We work exclusively to the Trade. We offer a wide range of ADA compliant Braille signs to fit any requirement. We have built signs for Schools, Casinos, Government buildings, Military Bases and Resorts to name a few. We are able to help you interpret ADA guidelines to make sure you are "compliant" with Federal ADA Regulations.   Send us your requirements with your specifications and allow us the privilege to offer some of the best pricing in the industry. Up to 40% off of retail in many cases.  ADA Compliant Signs-ADA Compliancy      We produce ADA Braille signage primarily from acrylic and photopolymer. The objective is to provide assistance to the visually impaired individual by standardizing the minimum and maximum copy height, by controlling the minimum contrast between the copy and background colors, controlling the sheen of the signs, to add appropriate pictograms describing the purpose of the room, and to provide Braille for that person whose eyesight is so poor as to require a tactile description. Therefore the ADA compliant sign is not only for the totally blind person but also for the person whose vision needs assistance.  Acrylic (Raster Braille)     -Acrylic ADA compliant signs are manufactured using an engraving method. The Braille is produce by drilling precision holes into the acrylic and forcing a very small acrylic balls into the holes to form the Braille characters. The raised letters are produced by gently placing a adhesive backed, 1/32" thick sheet of colored acrylic onto the face of the background panel and engraving the letters and pictograms. After engraving the surrounding material is pealed away leaving the letters and pictograms adhered to the acrylic backer. Because we engrave slightly below the surface of the background, the letters have the appearance of being an integral part of the background acrylic. Also this helps protect the letters from being "picked off" by vandals. This method is often referred to as "Raster Braille" or RLS (Raised Lettering System).  Photopolymer     -Photopolymer is a light sensitive resin sheeting that when exposed to high intensity ultraviolet light will harden and change its molecular makeup. We can manipulate what areas get exposed in the Photopolymer via a photographic method that allows us to produce almost any graphic we desire from this material. We offer photopolymer in both interior and exterior varieties.   Thermoformed Acrylic    -We take standard acrylic sheet and using a high pressure press along with high heat we form letters, logos and Braille directly into the acrylic. This creates a one piece integral sign that is 100% exterior rated. It is by far our most popular choice for Braille signage.  Goal American Braille Signage strives to provide the most up to date and compliant ADA Braille signs available. We use only the finest materials and processes to build a long lasting and durable sign that meets or exceeds current and future ADA regulations. All our Braille is dome topped, translated and spaced to provide the vision impaired person with as little inconvenience as possible. To that end, we never; supply "Flat Topped" Braille, capitalize Braille, include extraneous information in the translations, neglect proper spacing and we never use Grade 1 Braille (except in Canada when requested). 1-417-924-1276 sales@absignage.net